Hello, I'm Gautier Portet, a software developer from south of France.

I work at Telespazio where I develop Python scientific applications and C++ satellite image processing chains.

As a former demomaker and game coder, I love to solve impossible problems, and strive to get the maximum performance out of my code.

On my spare time I maintain SoundConverter, various android applications and other projects.

I'm also an husband and a father of two. You can follow our adventures.


SoundConverter is the leading Linux+Gnome+GStreamer based audio file conversion utility. it aims to be simple to use, and very fast. Thanks to its multithreaded design, it will use as many cores as possible to speed up the conversion. It can also extract the audio from videos. (Python, GTK, Gnome, GStreamer)


COLOURpatterns is my first Android application. It fetches the 50 top patterns from colourlovers.com and allows you to set one as wallpaper.

I also ported the MFX's Dose2 demo to Android using NDK.

More Projects

These are my older projects, consider them done now.

gXiso is a graphical tool to extract and upload Xbox ISO images to a Xbox. It can read from rar, zip, gz and bz2 archives transparently, and thanks to its multithreaded ftp client, uploading is very fast. It is available for both Linux and Windows. (Python, GTK)

Parano is a simple Gnome program to create, edit and verify cryptographic hash and checksum files. It support MD5, SHA-1 and SFV formats. (Python, GTK)

DesktopTracks records the applications you are using on you graphical system. It consist of one D-Bus daemon that will record how much time you are using your applications. And thanks to a pygtk frontend, you can watch the stats. (Python, GTK, Cairo, DBus)

Cuecue is a tool to convert .cue + [.ogg|.flac|.wav|.mp3] to .cue + .bin, in order to make them easier to burn with standard burning software. (C, libogg, libvorbis, libflac, libmad)

Yopla is an one hour project, it displays a list of video streams from shoutcast.com. And can launch a player. (C#, GTK)


I founded the knights demogroup in 1996, and I was also the lead coder. The group is inactive since 2004. Here are some of my productions:

2004 • OpenGL • 64KB • pouetyoutube

2Thousand Invitation
2000 • Direct3D • pouetyoutube

1999 • Direct3D • pouetyoutube

2000 • 32bpp • pouetyoutube

1998 • 16bpp • pouetyoutube

1998 • 8bpp • pouet

1998 • 8bpp • pouet